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As a calcium crystal structure with a form of needle extracted from plant, this new concept peeling Helps to form dead skin cell quickly in order to make new healthy skin by penetrating deeply Porous find herbal needle.

This is safe in the skin because injected Porous fine berbal needle Is 100% bio egradable within 36hours.

Order of use
  1 Step : Pores cleansing and decolletee massage
  2 Step : Adjust the pH balance and clear up skin texture(use toner)
  3 Step : Phytogen Peel Massage
  4 Step : Coconut Mask
  5 Step : Remove Phytogen Peel
  6 Step : Complete (With Stem Cell Line Products)
Features of Phytogen Peel
  -Easy to inject the fine herbal needle into the skin pore, as keep acicular structure condition
  -Increasing transfer effect of rejuvenating materials
  -Effect is UP, Pain is Down
  -As natural herb Extract, No additive to chemical ingredients
  -Strengthen skin barrier

Phytogen Peel
Phytogen Peel 1 BOX(10times)
Peeling Powder(1.3g)x 10ea + Silicone Tube Cab 2ea

Phytogen Hydra Mist 50ml x 4ea

It strengthens skin barrier with 24 hours intensive moisture care.
This mist provides moisture to the rough skin contained mixed natural active ingredient extracts and
It protects and soothes the skin quickly from external stimulation

Main ingredients: BSASM, Allantoin, Betaine

Phytogen Peel Solution 200ml

This solution is only for Resting Peel Powder. It makes moist skin with large of amounts of natural
moisturizer extract. It helps to arrange the skin texture and to make healthy skin tone.

Main ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Betaine, BSASM


Phyto Skin Balm 40ml

This is BB Cream use for peeling. It soothes irritated skin, reinforces the skin
Barrier, gives moisture and whitening effect to the skin and improves wrinkle of the skin.

Main ingredients: Arbutin, Trehalose, EGF, Adenosine

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